About Us

Senior Services Network (SSN) brings a variety of businesses together to network, grow our businesses and provide a wider range of services to seniors and their caregivers in the Greater Nashville area.

We like to think out of the box, and connect professions that may not traditionally collaborate with each other. What better way to enhance the value of your own service, by helping to connect your customers with other services they need. You’ll be amazed what it will do for your business, and more importantly the incredible value you will bring to the seniors and caregivers you serve.

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Directory Listing

The Senior Services Network publishes A Directory of Member Services for Seniors once a year (January) and includes both nonprofit and for profit senior services. The Directory lists agencies and businesses whose primary services enhance or improve the quality of life for familes and who are seen as being a beneficial resource.  The SSN board members, composed of experienced professionals, review each member in order to ensure the quality of the directory.  The services provided must be categorized within one or more of the service categories found in the table of contents.  The members must be licensed or certified or authorized to provide the services being offered.  The member must be in good standing with SSN and the licensing/certifying/regulatory entity. This directory is distributed amongst the community, physicians, as well as provied via the website.